Must Have Makeup for a Busy Mom

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Many days go by, where I throw my hair up in a ponytail and don’t do my makeup. I’m home with a toddler all day and the most excitement we have is a trip to the grocery store or to the park! 

But, I have to say I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I shower, blow dry my hair and do my makeup. It makes me feel like a real human. When I look good, I feel good. It may sound silly, but I like looking pretty. I like looking nice for my husband when he gets home from work.

It may not happen as often as it should, but I do want to try harder, since it makes me feel good!

I don’t have a lot of time, but throwing on some tinted moisturizer and some mascara doesn’t take that long and makes a huge difference and I honestly feel like a different person.

Here is my list of must haves!

  1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer–  I heard great things about this tinted moisturizer and I must admit, it is a game changer. It is nice and light on my face, but it gives me enough coverage to even out my tired mom skin tone. This looks nice and natural, which I love.
  2. NARS Radiant Creamy ConcealerThis is probably my favorite and can’t live without item. I feel like I always have circles under my eyes from not getting enough sleep and this definitely helps hid that. It’s long wearing and crease proof, so perfect. 
  3. Laura Mercier Loose setting powderSo it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Laura Mercier. I feel like it isn’t crazy expensive, like some makeup, and it doesn’t a great job. I just quickly brush this on to set the tinted moisturizer and concealer. It always looks natural and never cakey, which I wouldn’t like!
  4. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highlighter Eye Crayon This eye liner goes on nice and smooth. It’s waterproof and lasts all day, without smudging. I hate accidentally rubbing my eye and looking like a raccoon. Not the look I’m going for :). 
  5. Make Up Forever Excessive Lash Mascara I got a sample of this mascara when I bought something online and once I tried it, I was hooked. This makes my lashes so long and thick, without clumping together. Love it! 
  6. Benefit Hoola Bronzing PowderThis is another beauty product I heard a lot about, so I figured I would try it and I love it. It gives you a nice, healthy looking glow. I brush a little bit on my eyelids, instead of eyeshadow.
  7. Blistex– I toss on a little chapstick and done 🙂

Bam and I am done in 5 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Must Have Makeup for a Busy Mom

  1. Hi there
    Full time employment, mum, wife I`m always running around, makeup is at times in the ladies room at work in the ladies room.thanks for sharing these, really appreciate.

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