You’ve been Booed!

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Happy October!



Now that October is here, it feels like fall to me. Especially when we woke up this morning and it was really chilly! I love fall, cool weather, pumpkins, pretty changing leaves. I pretty much love everything to do with fall! Plus it means all the fall holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

We like to get into the spirit of Halloween and one of our favorite fall traditions is Booing a neighbor. I let the kids pick out some cute Halloween treats from Five Below or the dollar section at Target. We throw in some Halloween decorations and put everything together in a cute bag or bowl.


We get it started by booing 2 families. I let the kids pick who they want to do and they like to help picking out the stuff. We pack their treats up, with a boo sign and instructions and after dinner, we leave it on their doorstep, ring the bell and run away! It’s not rude to ring and run if we leave a treat, right? 

The kids love this and they have so much fun at the bus stop in the morning, trying to guess who booed who. I love driving around and seeing all the Boo signs in the doors!


Click Here to download your free Boo Sign!

Click here to download instructions!

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