Summer Chore Chart

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Summer Chore Chart


Summer is officially here. My girls last day of school was Friday and they are so ready for their summer break. We plan on doing a lot of swimming, relaxing and playing. I’m sure they plan on a lot of TV and iPads too. I want to limit their screen time, so they don’t turn into little zombies. 

I use to think the iPads were neat. They had educational games, they could watch movies on long car rides or they could FaceTime with their cousins who live in Nebraska. They do all that, but they also like to watch silly YouTube videos that drive me crazy.

I now know how addicting the iPads and phones can be, sometimes it’s hard for me to put the phone down, so I know it’s even harder for them. We will be limiting their screen time, because I know they could spend all day watching videos. So I am planning on keeping them busy other ways. 

We are going to have a summer schedule we will follow, including summer chores. My girls don’t really have chores during the school year. Between homework and extracurricular activities, some nights are just crazy which is too inconsistent with chores. They are expected to keep their rooms clean, but now that they have so much more free time, they can each help out around the house a little more.

Here is a list of chores that are age appropriate that I will fairly give to each girl and tape it to the fridge where they can see it every day. I will be happy the house is a little cleaner and they will be learning responsibility, so it’s a win win.


Here is a summer chore chart I made to hang up for the girls to see every day to know what to do. 



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Summer Chore Chart


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16 thoughts on “Summer Chore Chart

  1. Just subscribed! My kids still have one more week of school and I was just thinking this morning as I was looking in the full dishwasher for a clean glass that I needed to make a chore chart! Thanks 🙂

  2. This is a great chore chart. I love that your broke it down in age categories. The tasks are very age appropriate. My friend was looking for a list of what her kids could be doing. How appropriate to start in summer so the chores and habits can roll in to the school year for an all year long to do list for the kids.

  3. Love this! I have two little boys and this is great. I try and have them do little things here and there, but I might have to print this out =)

    Lydia |

  4. We don’t have to sort our recycling where we live, but that makes me think that my 3yo could be sorting laundry and doing a bit more than he is currently.

  5. We just did this yesterday! You have a great list. It is amazing when the kids can and do accomplish when we give them that responsibility. My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 2 and they all have their daily jobs…with me helping the youngest ones.

  6. The chore chart is a great idea! Thanks for sharing the printable. =) When I was younger, during summers, my parents created a chore chart, and my mom also encouraged us to help plan meals. Each of us would plan one meal during the week. My parents did the grocery shopping of course, but we each had to choose a type of food to eat each week. My day was often mac & cheese and broccoli (if I was forced to choose a veggie), but it was an awesome way to get involved in the kitchen too. One of my siblings always wanted candy for meals . . . so some boundaries were gently put in place for what constitutes a “meal.” haha. Have a lovely summer!

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