50 Cheap and Easy Ideas to do on Summer Vacation

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50 Cheap and Easy Ideas

to do on

Summer Vacation


Summer is right around the corner for us. Like a couple days away! My kids have half days all this week, which is kind of silly, because they don’t have much going on! They are enjoying the last few days of school by having a Fun day and Field day, a movie day and a pizza day. Must be nice!

While they are finishing up the year, I have been trying to come up with ideas to keep us busy during the summer. We are trying to save money this year, so I need them to be inexpensive! Easy is also a plus, since we have a toddler to cart around too. 

The kids and I brainstormed on ideas on what they would like to do over the summer and we came up with a list of cheap and easy ideas.

  1. Go to the library- We plan on going every week! 
  2. Host a book exchange- Ask some neighbors or friends from school over and tell them to bring some books. Have them trade for some new to them books
  3. Start a kids book club- See if any friends are interested in doing a kids book club. Pick a new book and have them meet a couple of times over the summer as they read it and talk about it
  4. Bake something- My kids love watching the Kids Baking Championship and love making something fun they saw on there. We have tried eclairs and macaroons
  5. Have a lemonade sale- For some reason my kids love having a lemonade sale. They make big signs and sit outside waiting for cars to drive by
  6. Make ice pops- Ice Pops don’t last long in my house. My kids have so much fun making them themselves
  7. Have a picnic- Have one in your yard, on your deck or go to the park
  8. Make ice cream in a bag- This is such a cool idea! Check out how we do that here!
  9. Make Smoothies- Cool off with a nice, fruity smoothie
  10. Try an edible science experiment- Edible Crystals are fun and easy to make.. and so good!
  11. Make Slime- My kids still love making slime. Fluffy Slime, fishbowl slime or glitter slime!
  12. Do a science experiment- Science is my daughters favorite subject, so she loves doing anything science! 
  13. Garden- Every year we say we are going to start a garden. We managed to plant some sunflower seeds and we are watching them grow! The kids love watering them and each other
  14. Sidewalk Chalk- Make a mural in the driveway
  15. Sidewalk chalk paint- This you can easily make at home and it’s fun and different to paint it on the sidewalk
  16. Make your own kinetic sand- My kids love playing with this stuff
  17. Make homemade play dough- Easy and fun to make
  18. Paint with water colors
  19. Build a fort
  20. Have a movie day
  21. Regal Summer Movie Express- Regal has $1 movies all summer long. Click here to see what’s playing. 
  22. Create a music video
  23. Put on a play- I liked doing this with my friends when I was a kid
  24. Have a sleepover
  25. Go to the zoo
  26. Swim
  27. Make an obstacle course
  28. Go on a scavenger hunt
  29. Have a car wash- My kids love spraying the hose and “washing” my car!
  30. Build with Legos
  31. Volunteer somewhere- It’s hard to find someplace where kids can volunteer, but I think it’s important they learn to donate their time
  32. Have a water fight
  33. Play in the sprinklers
  34. Play card games- Uno and Old Maid are favorites in my house
  35. Visit a trampoline park- It will burn off some energy. We always look in groupons for discounts
  36. Go to a water park- We always find coupons somewhere!
  37. Go to the beach or a lake- We love going to the shore
  38. Build a sandcastle- Even if it’s in a sandbox!
  39. Go on a hike
  40. Go on a bike ride
  41. Make ice cream sandwiches
  42. Play board games- My daughters love Life right now
  43. Make homemade bubbles
  44. Mini golf
  45. Rollerblade or roller skate
  46. Go to the park
  47. Walk a dog
  48. Do something nice for a neighbor
  49. Go to story time at a book store
  50. Have fun!!!


What do you plan on doing this summer?? 


10 thoughts on “50 Cheap and Easy Ideas to do on Summer Vacation

  1. What a great list of fun activities. It seems you can never think of something on the spot so having this list handy will certainly help all summer long! Thanks!

  2. Oh my! These are great fun, what a brilliant list to have. My Mum used to put one of these together every summer and it was just the best. I will definitely be using this.

  3. good ideas! I am going to check out if there is any Regal movie theaters by where I live, and see if I can go to some of the movies with some of my friends this summer.

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