Must Have Toddler Items

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Must Have Toddler Items

To Make Your Life Easier


Nick just turned 18 months and I love the toddler stage. It’s so fun watching their little personalities really shine through. Watching him learn how to play and pretend. He loves to grill on his grill like Dad and he loves to help me sweep the floor. If you tell him he is sleeping, he will close his eyes and snore. So cute!

Part of that is learning and wanting to do things by themselves. Which is great, but can be challenging. He doesn’t always understand why he can’t do something and gets upset. He doesn’t always want to walk and hold my hand nicely when we go for a walk.. or sit in the tub when he is taking a bath. He is crazy and wild and I love him, but he can be tough to handle! Here are some items we use to make life easier for us.


  1. Step2 Whisper Ride II-  We got this car for Nick a little bit before he turned 1. My girls each take a different bus to school, so that’s two times to the bus stop in the morning and two times to the bus stop in the afternoon. Sometimes I would use the stroller, but Nick didn’t always want to sit.. and he was getting too heavy to carry. He loves to drive his car. We take it on walks around the neighbor hood and he loves it. It’s so cute and has a little trunk in the front we can put little toys in. They also have a cute pink one.
  2. Lego Duplo Creative Play All-in-one-Box-of-Fun- Nick got these Legos for his birthday and they have been a hit. He loves to put them together and take them apart. We build and build and it keeps him occupied for a little, so I can try and get some dishes done. They come with a cute little person and a cute little dog.
  3. Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup- We love these cups. They come in blue, green, orange and pink and they don’t leak at all. These are perfect for a toddler, who likes to shake his cup upside down plus he is learning how to drink out of a cup at the same time. 
  4. Bumbo Multi Seat- We used this seat when Nick was a baby, before he could sit on his own. He had a cute little toy that stuck to it and he could play for a bit. Now we use it as a booster chair for the table. He does still use his high chair, but sometimes he wants to sit at the big table with us. I love the fact that the tray clicks into the back when you aren’t using it and it has straps that attach it to the chair. The blue part pops out as he gets bigger and goes up to age 3.
  5. Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtub Fun Toy-  Bath time is fun around here. Nick loves splashing around and playing in the water.. but he also likes to stand up in the tub, which makes me nervous. He needs some fun bath toys to keep him entertained and sitting down. This little octopus is cute, he floats around and we try and hook on his little rings, woking his fine motor skills. 
  6. Big Box of Boynton Set 1: My older daughter loved all of Sandra Boynton books, ever since she was little. It is so fun to open them back up again and read them to Nick. They are all so cute and really fun to read. Barnyard Dance is a favorite in our house. I think we all know the words to heart. Such cute, fun little books. I’m hoping Nick is a reader, like the rest of us. We always take a book with us, just in case we need to sit and be quite. It will work for a little bit!
  7. The No-Cry Sleep Solutions for Toddlers and Preschoolers- This is more for me, but getting a good night sleep is so important for everyone. It’s nice to have good sleep habits and I’m not one for letting my kids cry it out (I have tired, I know it works for some, but it doesn’t work for me.) I really like the gentle approach and it works for us! 
  8. Munchkin Door Knob Covers- My crazy guy is getting so big he can open doors knobs! It’s all fun and games until he opens the basement door. This makes me feel better, now that I don’t worry about him tumbling down the steps or getting into the bathroom. 
  9. Potty Training Baby Seat- Nick isn’t quite ready for the potty training yet, but our pediatrician suggested getting a potty seat for him to get use to and maybe he would be potty trained by 2. I learned with my girls they will be ready when they are ready and I’m not in any rush. We have one to make him comfortable and so he doesn’t freak out when he is ready to start trying. We skip the potty chair, because 1. I think they are kind of gross and 2. they have to use the big potty sometime. My girls both did a better job with the potty seat instead of the little chair.
  10. Jumbo Crayons- Nick is quite the little artist. He loves playing with his sisters art sets and scribbling on paper. I like that these crayons are washable, easy to hold and hard to break, which is important with a toddler! These give us something fun to write with if we are learning new colors or just having fun.


What are your must have toddler items to keep your little one busy or entertained?

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27 thoughts on “Must Have Toddler Items

  1. I particularly like the octopus and the Sandra Boynton box. They are the kind of toys/books that will be enjoyed for years. (I like anything Sandra Boynton! My coffee cup is one of hers. It always makes me laugh.)

  2. I have almost everything on that list, so I feel accomplished. I really want to get my little man one of those push cars, my kid would go crazy over it!

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