Fishbowl Slime

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Fishbowl Slime

 My kids are still obsessed with making slime. They have been begging me to try and make was fishbowl slime. One of her friends in school made it and she thought it sounded really cool. I liked using this recipe, because it’s Borax free. We use Borax in some slime, but I don’t want them playing with it all the time, so I wanted to try something different. 

What you need to make Fishbowl Slime is:

Clear or white Glue

Baking Soda

Saline Solution ( Make sure it has Boric Acid or Sodium Borate in the ingredients or the word “buffered” on the package)

Clear Beads or Acrylic vases filler (We used these)

Glitter and Food Dye is optional


Mix together glue and baking soda:

Add Food coloring and beads:

Add saline solution and mix together:




Pour half a bottle of glue into a bowl.

Add 1/8 teaspoon baking soda.

Mix together. Add in any glitter or food dye now.

Next add 1/2 cup small clear beads and stir.

Add about a teaspoon of the saline solution and stir and in a little more, until it all holds together.

Pick it up and mix with your hands and enjoy the cool, crunchy slime!


*Make sure you keep away from any little ones who might try and eat this, especially any little beads :)*


Check Out my daughters Fishbowl Slime video here



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19 thoughts on “Fishbowl Slime

  1. Slime is forever something anyone finds so fascinating. I know sometimes I forget what it’s like to manipulate some so when I get the chance I feel like a kid playing. My children enjoy first it’s weird especially for the 1 yr old but eventually she gets into it. Thanks for sharing. –

  2. Wow this is so cool. Perhaps I can try this when my little curious man is old enough not to eat this. Great idea to bond with kids

  3. Hi I have problem with fallouts. The beads keep falling out even though the glue is supersticky. What should i do?

    1. What kind of beads did you use? When my girls left the slime out for a while, I noticed some seemed to fall out. As long as they keep it in a container when they weren’t using it, it was fine.

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