Books Your 2nd Grader Won’t Want to Put Down

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Books Your 2nd Grader Won’t Want to Put Down



     Reading is big in our house. I’m a reader and both of my daughters are readers. Many nights, I have to take flash lights friends away so my kids actually go to sleep when they are suppose to. Its hard to get mad when they are doing something good, like reading. Here is our list of books for your second grader, that they won’t want to put down.


  1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Long Haul  by Jeff Kinney- My daughter likes these books because they are fun to read and they make her laugh. 
  2. Dogman Unleashed by Dav Pilkey- These books are also funny for her to read. 
  3. Sisters by Raina Telgemeire-  This is another cute and funny book to read about sisters who fight. 
  4. The Never Girls Collections 1-4 by Kiki Thorpe- This is a Disney collection of books, with Tinkerbell and her friends.My daughter enjoyed reading about their magical, fun adventures. 
  5. The Never Girls Collection #2  by Kiki Thorpe- The Disney adventure continues in books 5-8. 
  6. Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows- My daughter read all 10 books in the Ivy and Bean series, they are funny books about two best friends. 
  7. Judy Moody by Megan McDonald- Megan McDonald is one of my daughters favorite authors. She has also read all the Judy Moody books. I think they had to be her favorite. 
  8. Stink: The Super-Incredible Collection by Megan McDonald- Stink is Judy Moody’s little brother and very funny to read. 
  9. The Jewel Fairies Collection, Vol. 1 1-4 by Daisy Meadows- My daughter loved reading all about these fairy adventures. She especially loved reading about the fairies who had her name along with her friends and family. 
  10. The Baby-Sitters Club by Raina Telgemeier- This is another funny collection of books that has lots of drama and laughter. 



7 thoughts on “Books Your 2nd Grader Won’t Want to Put Down

  1. Ahh your home sounds similar to mine, we love to read too. I think it’s really important to encourage it. My son loves some of these books but will definitely be ordering him a new one now. Thank you x

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