Easy Do It Yourself Spring Wreath

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Happy First Day of Spring! Hopefully we had our last snowfall last week and we can look forward to warmer weather right around the corner. I’m so ready for spring and so excited to hang up our easy do it yourself spring wreath I made. I think wreaths really make your door look nice, but I don’t like paying for a new one every season. They always seem to cost a lot, from Michaels to Etsy. I love how simple and pretty this wreath is, plus it was very easy to make.

I went to Michaels and bought an 18″ grapevine Wreath, Burlap ribbon, 2 light blue hydrangea and 2 white hydrangea flowers, floral wire and wire cutters. You can always print out coupons for Michaels, so I just looked them up on my phone and I think I got 60% off the whole order, which was really nice. It came out to about $30, when I have seen similar wreathes for over $60. I had a hot glue gun and glue at home already, so my daughter and I got to work.




Here is how we DIY:

  1. Cut the stems of the silk flowers. My husband had to help with this, because my small wire cutters didn’t comes close to cutting through. I think if I look in the flower department again, I will find the right tool to use.
  2. I used the flower wire to tie the silk flowers into place and threaded it through the branches of the wreath. I hot glued back of the wire, so it was securely held in place.
  3. I made a nice neat bow out of the Burlap ribbon and hot glued that into place. Make sure to mark the middle, so it’s nice and even.
  4. I made a little hook with the wire ribbon and hot glued that into place.
  5. Hang it up and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Easy Do It Yourself Spring Wreath

  1. I’ve wanted to make my own wreath for a while now! I love yours. You have a great foundation that could be adapted for any season!

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